Friday, February 08, 2008

Self-portraits, school, and an organizing idea!

Things have been so busy here! I got an email about a week ago asking me to answer some questions and a headshot and send them in. Needless to say, I looked through over a year's worth of photos and didn't find any headshots of me that I thought would work. So, I got to spend a day this past week working with my camera's self timer, using a "model" for setting up focus, and finding the right "light." The light thing never completely worked out due to the makeup of the room I had to work in, but in the end, I think the picture finally turned out okay. What do ya think??

Needless to say, I'm not in love with it. By the time I got this shot, I had been working at this off and on between picking up kids and running a few errands. My makeup had started to melt off, the light had changed locations many times, and my hair really needed to be trimmed (I've not had it done since early Dec) but ah well . . . to me, it's good enough and hopefully good enough for everyone else who will be seeing it! LOL
The kids' schools have been keeping me busy. I'm in charge of M's valentine day party, and L was supposed to be in school until 2 but that has since been changed and he will be out at his usual time. I hate making plans to do something and have some other force cause me not to meet those plans. I feel really bad having to back out of helping at M's school. K has her Valentines Dance this evening - from 6-9 . . . of course most 7th graders don't go with "dates" . . . she does think one of the boys in her LA class is "cute" but she rarely talks to him. We did happen to see him skateboarding through our neighborhood last weekend with a few friends . . .
Not only is there the valentines parties happening this next week, but things have gotten busy for me as Historian on the PFA . . . needing to take LOTS of pictures at school events . . . and L's teacher needed a parent to step up and help with the library books this month because the mom that signed up decided to back out. L is also going to be Star Student next week so we've got to work on that posterboard, and we're moving L into his own bedroom this weekend. I've been painting blue for the last few days.
On the scrappin' front, I had a crop night over at my house on Friday night last week . . . and I've not done any scrappin' since the 31st . . . (OUCH!) I think my mind mentally needed a break . . . so many ideas started forming and my house felt the neglect as well. Now that I've got the painting thing under control and the house is going to get cleaned this weekend, I can take a small break every day or so and get another layout done! I browsed a friend's blog and she showed a picture of her laundry room/mudroom and though she complained it was messy, I was so inspired. I already have hooks on the wall for backpack and coat drop-off . . . the shoes are out of control (need a solution for that), but I was most inspired by her walls! Above her hooks she had a message center where each child's school calendar and notes were written . . . and hooks by her door to go to the garage for the keys (don't know if I would trust my 4 and 5 yo with this yet). Now, I know . . . you're thinking well, duh! lol I know I've looked at the message centers in Pottery Barn for years now, but I always envisioned them near my kitchen, where I usually am . . . but you know, this could work in the laundry room! I've currently got a file for each kid, which is where the calendars go right now, but I'm not looking at them frequently enough . . . Yes, I think this may be the answer . . . stay tuned!

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Mary said...

April, I think that is a very nice picture of you! You did a great job. :) No wonder I never hear from you... you're crazy busy!!