Friday, February 01, 2008

It's February!!

That means my LayOut A Day Challenge over at BPS has come to a close. I'm sorry I've forgotten to share those here. I'm thrilled to say that I completed 39 pages (31 layouts)!! Hooray! AND the best thing is that it is so completely a habit now to come back and put something together. No, they're not all works of art, but they are pictures that I want in my albums, and so . . . there it is.

Here's what my "stack" looks like: Now I've just got to load them into their appropriate albums! That should be fun! LOL

Here was the final layout . . . a 2 pager for my youngest's 2nd birthday . . . they were all puppies, and even got to eat out of "doggie bowls!"


Darlene said...

wow, that's a big stack of layouts! I've only gotten 8 done so far this year - which my goal is 2 a week, so that's not too bad!

Mary said...

That is GREAT!! Pretty much an album full...