Thursday, February 21, 2008

Three Happy Things on Thursday

Just a few things that really made me smile today:
  1. When I dropped L off at school there is a car line and we just drop off our kids and teachers take them inside. This morning, an aide picked up L and she freaked a bit with the boys' rubber snake (it's really a L O N G one) in the van. They took it and laid it across the steps to the school and the director flipped out as she went to go pick up another child from the cars. One of them HAD to go grab the camera and get a picture. Thank heavens Julie has a sense of humor and that they all know how to have fun together
  2. On the way home, I got to see seagulls playing follow the leader and "chicken" with some cars! Seriously, one was leading them all, right in a line. The strangest thing was there was no food or anything on the road that they were trying to get to. They'd go high in a circle and then head back down to where the cars were at the stop light. There were about 8 of them. Of course, my camera was AT HOME!
  3. The delivery people bringing my bed today were supposed to show up between 3:30 -5:30 which would have caused Ed to come home early from work. Amazingly (and this NEVER happens to me) they called and asked if they could come EARLY!!! Can you believe it??? I was thrilled. I was able to finish putting sheets on before I had to pick up M! I can't wait to see if K even realizes .. . . It's not something that she would pay much attention to I don't think. We don't have a new comforter yet - still waiting to find the "right" one. Ed and I actually "found" the right one, but it's $400 at Dilliards and I just refuse to buy that one at that price, kwim?? LOL

More later . . . maybe!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Wednesday . . .

Hooray for hump-day!! Things have still been crazy around here. I've got plans to scrapbook at a LSS on Saturday with some friends and here's to hoping I can work more than socialize for once (yeah, right)! lol Today was filled with picking up library books for L's class, trying to get my watch battery changed (which unfortunately has to be done at a watchmaker's to reseal the backing because it's a waterproof watch, and then prepping our bedroom for delivery of our new bed! I had to pick up K late from school due to a rehearsal that they had. Tomorrow holds the grocery and volunteering at M's school and a performance tomorrow night for K's chorus.

We're still waiting to get our countertops . . . I mentioned in the last post that we picked out a different granite and the contractor claims that he'll have it installed in about 3 weeks from last Thursday. I sure hope so! It'd be so fun to have those in time for Easter and Spring Break!

For Darlene, so sorry there's no new layouts yet! I promise I'm working on becoming inspired at the moment. I'm still going through hundreds of photos that need printed out before the Library of Memories class starts again on the 28th. Here is a mini-album though that I did for K last year when one of her friends was getting ready to move. It contains four of her closest friends - various pics from different times with them, with answers to a standard list of questions - favorite memories, what was unique and special about each girl, favorite things that they did . . .Enough talking, huh?? Here it is. The title is "You Gotta Have Friends" and uses some old Basic Grey. (I still love this stuff though!) Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Long busy weekend . . .

This past weekend was a long one for the kids (and hubby too). L was out of school on Friday AND Monday, and instead of getting to take him to the zoo, I had to take his sister to the doctor - diagnoses was strep . . . so no fun for her until Sunday. We got her on meds and the boys and hubby went to Gainesville. On Sunday, we headed down to Washington Oaks State Park. It was a blast, and I got to work on my photography too. I played a bit with composition and lighting and then messed with the shutter speed and apeture too . . . there were several favorite shots so I'm only going to share a few of those.

The rocks weren't exposed today as the tide was coming in, and the waves were certainly rougher than I've seen. They were coming in quick and hard right where all the coquina rocks are. Ed and M had a blast trying to jump the waves or at least run from them without getting wet (it didn't work too well sometimes) . . . the sun was setting which made for some fun shadow pics, and the kids - especially K and L had lots of fun finding the perfect rocks to skip onto the water at the intracoastal.

Anyhow, then yesterday Ed and I had to head to Debary to look at some granite . . . we ended up changing our minds to a different type of stone, and I'm sure it'll kick the price up higher too, but oh well . . . then we came home, picked up L and headed to go bed shopping. I'm so tired of trying to crowd two little boys into our bed to play tickle monster that we're caving and getting a king! Yowzers! My master bedroom is shrinking on me . . . first scrap stuff, now a king size bed.

Anyhow, I've got to run! Maybe one of these days I'll get around to scrappin' again. I think I'm kind of enjoying taking a break after my January craziness.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A little off-topic today

But you have no idea how happy this makes me. Okay, so maybe not the animated movie part, but did you see the little caption about a new cartoon this fall on Cartoon Network! Not that I enjoy putting kids in front of the TV, but my kids don't "get" how Star Wars was such a big part of my childhood growing up . . . and from a girl's perspective, they'll never understand, but boys just loved these movies. At least this will be a little bit of a joy if they will enjoy this cartoon half as much as I enjoyed the movies, and maybe, just maybe, it'll lead them to be interested in seeing the movies. They are so complicated that they're just not getting into those yet.
In other scrap-worthy news . . . CHA is going to be wrapping up today! I've seen a lot of really yummy stuff that I can't wait to get my paws on . . . but I've got to win that lottery or go back to work first! {sigh} I'm excited about the expansion of the AC Thickers, and I LOVE all things Cosmo Cricket this year which is new for me. In the past, I had only been thrilled with one or two lines . . . of course, Scenic Route isn't letting me down - sneak peeks available here. I actually even liked the boy line from Glitz Designs and the new Dream Street Papers are completely fun and happy and just shout SUMMER!

Friday, February 08, 2008

LOOK at this!

Scrap Your Crap . . . it looks like it will be a VERY fun and useful site!! I know I'm working on downsizing my "supply of stash" and this will definitely come in handy! Let me know if you try it out and do a challenge! I'd love to go and check it out!

Self-portraits, school, and an organizing idea!

Things have been so busy here! I got an email about a week ago asking me to answer some questions and a headshot and send them in. Needless to say, I looked through over a year's worth of photos and didn't find any headshots of me that I thought would work. So, I got to spend a day this past week working with my camera's self timer, using a "model" for setting up focus, and finding the right "light." The light thing never completely worked out due to the makeup of the room I had to work in, but in the end, I think the picture finally turned out okay. What do ya think??

Needless to say, I'm not in love with it. By the time I got this shot, I had been working at this off and on between picking up kids and running a few errands. My makeup had started to melt off, the light had changed locations many times, and my hair really needed to be trimmed (I've not had it done since early Dec) but ah well . . . to me, it's good enough and hopefully good enough for everyone else who will be seeing it! LOL
The kids' schools have been keeping me busy. I'm in charge of M's valentine day party, and L was supposed to be in school until 2 but that has since been changed and he will be out at his usual time. I hate making plans to do something and have some other force cause me not to meet those plans. I feel really bad having to back out of helping at M's school. K has her Valentines Dance this evening - from 6-9 . . . of course most 7th graders don't go with "dates" . . . she does think one of the boys in her LA class is "cute" but she rarely talks to him. We did happen to see him skateboarding through our neighborhood last weekend with a few friends . . .
Not only is there the valentines parties happening this next week, but things have gotten busy for me as Historian on the PFA . . . needing to take LOTS of pictures at school events . . . and L's teacher needed a parent to step up and help with the library books this month because the mom that signed up decided to back out. L is also going to be Star Student next week so we've got to work on that posterboard, and we're moving L into his own bedroom this weekend. I've been painting blue for the last few days.
On the scrappin' front, I had a crop night over at my house on Friday night last week . . . and I've not done any scrappin' since the 31st . . . (OUCH!) I think my mind mentally needed a break . . . so many ideas started forming and my house felt the neglect as well. Now that I've got the painting thing under control and the house is going to get cleaned this weekend, I can take a small break every day or so and get another layout done! I browsed a friend's blog and she showed a picture of her laundry room/mudroom and though she complained it was messy, I was so inspired. I already have hooks on the wall for backpack and coat drop-off . . . the shoes are out of control (need a solution for that), but I was most inspired by her walls! Above her hooks she had a message center where each child's school calendar and notes were written . . . and hooks by her door to go to the garage for the keys (don't know if I would trust my 4 and 5 yo with this yet). Now, I know . . . you're thinking well, duh! lol I know I've looked at the message centers in Pottery Barn for years now, but I always envisioned them near my kitchen, where I usually am . . . but you know, this could work in the laundry room! I've currently got a file for each kid, which is where the calendars go right now, but I'm not looking at them frequently enough . . . Yes, I think this may be the answer . . . stay tuned!

Friday, February 01, 2008

It's February!!

That means my LayOut A Day Challenge over at BPS has come to a close. I'm sorry I've forgotten to share those here. I'm thrilled to say that I completed 39 pages (31 layouts)!! Hooray! AND the best thing is that it is so completely a habit now to come back and put something together. No, they're not all works of art, but they are pictures that I want in my albums, and so . . . there it is.

Here's what my "stack" looks like: Now I've just got to load them into their appropriate albums! That should be fun! LOL

Here was the final layout . . . a 2 pager for my youngest's 2nd birthday . . . they were all puppies, and even got to eat out of "doggie bowls!"