Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You may want to sit down . . .

LOL . . . just my way of warning you that I actually cooked food tonight! :) You know, not just warming up food, or making something easy like spaghetti . . . but really cooking salmon and green beans and feeding my kids something healthy. I know, scary.

What led to this you may ask?? I got on a scale for something the other day though - I try to avoid the scale - and realized that I had gained over 10 pounds in the last few months. So, it's time to get serious. I did 50 sit-ups today, and while I didn't walk outside of the house, the cleaning that I accomplished sure felt like I walked some miles. Tomorrow before the grocery, I'm aiming for the Y . . . I NEED to be back on an elliptical. I actually miss it. Isn't that funny??

I was sad today to learn that Heath Ledger died today. While I never saw Brokeback Mountain, I did enjoy his acting both in First Knight (remember, I have a 13 yo) and in The Patriot. I hear he's fantastic in the new Batman movie that is still in post-production too. Academy Award nominations also came out today as well. Viggo Mortinson and Johnny Depp were among the Best Actor nominees. I wasn't too familiar with the titles though . . . except of course, Ratatoille (there were only 3 Animated Film nomiations, btw). I am going to have to do some research and see some of these before awards night! Anyone local up for a movie night sometime soon??

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