Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last night I cut it close with the LOAD . . . in fact, it wasn't even done by midnight our time . . . luckily the rules state that it's by midnight MST :) I was working on a 2 pager while trying to just listen to a movie my hubby wanted me to watch . . . Good Luck Chuck . . . I seriously did NOT want to watch this but it was HILARIOUS, and really a romantic comedy. Have any of you seen it?? See, my hubby has a "thing" for Alba, just like I have a thing for Russell Crowe or Orlando Bloom . . . so I let him watch it . . . and he really wanted me to watch it the next night . . . and I got so caught up watching it, that I didn't work on my layouts until it was over. The things you do for your husband, right ladies??

I then proceeded to crash and get up this morning, get the kids to school, and spent the morning at our local scrapbook store. Now, those of you that know me KNOW that I don't get a lot done at crops because I'm too busy socailizing. I thought for sure that I would get quite a bit done at the store today because I was only going with two other ladies that I didn't know that well. Yeah, right . . . well . . . first thing I do when I walk in is see a dear friend Ellen trying to spend some money. Then, a mom of a classmate/teammate of my Kindergartner walks in. She's clueless with the scrapbooking thing, but her husband is restoring a classic Mustang and at the shows, they put together albums, so she's doing that for him. So I took some time and showed her around and helped her look for some things. By now I've finished up the journaling from the 2nd page from last night and I'm trying to work on a 2nd page, but then my friend Ann comes through the door to pick up some of her Garage sale stuff from Saturday. She and her daughter stayed for a bit and chatted . . . needless to say, I got only ONE other page done besides the one I had started last night . . . but at least it was free and I had a great time socializing! LOL

Here are the two pages from yesterdays and todays LOAD challenge at BPS:

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