Monday, January 28, 2008

Where did the weekend go??

Where did the weekend go??? I learned that a friend is safe and sound at home after spending some time in the hospital, that my kids are fabulous, and that Sydney White really isn't that bad of a teen-y bopper movie! LOL It was a great weekend minus my hubby having to work off and on. Yesterday we stayed close to home and watched a few movies, but my boys wanted to WASH daddy's car!! YIKES and BRRRR . . .

I have completely slacked with uploading layouts from the challenge too . . . sorry about that! Here they are:This one is from an album I've been wanting to start . . . it's called Photos I Love, is a 9x9 size and I'll be using a CTMH 9x9 album for this. This is my youngest with his typical personality - bashful, sticking out his tongue (completely silly habit of his) and handing me a flower . . . so I can add to it easily, these layouts are so completely simple!
Here is the one I finished last night. The page is actually a swap page of Majestic Blue from CTMH. It was nice to just be able to put down some pictures that worked well and do the journaling . . . but alas, it's a layout done! :)

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