Sunday, January 06, 2008

Today . . .

I'm kind of bummed today. I realized that tomorrow is Monday and it's the last day of the kids' holiday breaks. I've got to go get new tires on the van in the AM, but afterwards, I'm vowing to do something FUN with all of them . . . the rest of the day! I hate the groove of school - getting everyone up, packing lunches, and sending them out the door - usually running behind. I WANT to do better in 2008! Of course, going to bed after midnight like I am right now is not going to help me get up early and get moving, is it? Ahhh . . . tomorrow . . . at least with hubby's new coffee grinder, it's so much easier to know just how much coffee to put into the machine! (Sad but true, I never used to make coffee . . . but I am now). I'm hoping to be up with him around 6:30 every morning, get breakfast and coffee going, and then get the kids up at 7:15 (well, the boys anyhow . . . darling daughter can sleep in a bit).
We spent today watching football, playing with Christmas toys, and Grandma came up to bring the gifts from their aunt and uncle in Texas. I took down ornaments from the tree when the rest of the house went for a walk to a nearby playground. Tomorrow is the LSU/OSU football game where we of course are rooting for the SEC. Geaux Tigers!!

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