Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jan 2nd LOAD #2

Here's the layout using some old product for last year's Christmas pictures. I had planned the layout long before yesterday, but finally printed out the journaling and put the pictures on - so definitely done yesterday. It's complete, HOORAYY!!!!
It's kind of nice to see a signature line already on Jan 3rd Layouts complete: 2 . . . to be 3 later on! I didn't keep track of how many layouts I did last year. I posted them in SO MANY different places. I'm trying to get a flickr account set up so that I can post them there and have them all. One place would be so nice . . . I used to have a photobucket account with plenty loaded on it, but now I can't seem to access my account :( Very sad. I try and have my pw sent to me and it just times out. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, I'd love to hear them! I'd love to just access what I've already got and put a slideshow together.

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