Friday, January 04, 2008

It's so COLD and LOAD #3

I am not a fan of cold weather . . . I live in Florida for a reason. I do NOT like this cold snap that we're having. However, on news today (Today Show) they were talking about how not enough people get vitamin B because we block the natural suns rays from getting to us even in the summer time. They said that even 10 minutes outside without gloves, close to sunrise or sunset,will help us get the energy we need. For me, I've always felt that I get a little "gloomier" in the winter because of the shorter days anyhow, so this little piece of information let me to take the kids to the park at 4:30 PM. In the shade it was brutal. Where is this weather coming from? (Okay, not really - I know it's all got to do with the jet stream and a cold arctic blast of cold air, but again, Florida - the land of perpetual sun . . .

Anyhow, here's the LOAD for Day #3: My 2008 Goals . . . I enjoyed REALLY using stickles for the first time!

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Lisa said...

Great way to get those goals down! Love this!