Friday, January 11, 2008

I stumbled this week . . .

Okay, so my last post is from Tuesday. I hung in there going back to work and remembering to blog for one night. Honestly, I could barely scrap a page this week either. Luckily, I used one in my "backup" that I needed to finish but really didn't want to share (read: OLD) and then the other I completely did one night and seperated them into two pages to share. Bad, I know . . . but I was EXHAUSTED! I was on my feet for four hours straight, and while I wasn't dealing with children constantly, I was running errands and laminating and copying and giving bathroom breaks and cutting things out and gluing things down! LOL I did enjoy it, but I couldn't stand any longer once I was home hardly, and for those that know me, I scrapbook standing UP - on my feet . . . ouch! I was seriously (and I guess I still am) considering going back to work at this school next year as a PreK teacher and well . . . I'm just not used to getting up and having to get ready to be presentable at 6:30 am anymore! sigh . . .

So, here are the two layouts that I finished the last few days:
I really like how this one turned out. It was based off of a BH sketch with American Crafts Playground paper. I love how it looks like bubbles!

This one has pink floss hanging from the horizontal picture to make it look similar to a picture frame. I wish I could move the two bottom ones closer together, but they were glued down a while ago. I added the blue background and the journaling this week. Not a favorite, but I loved the pictures of my Nana with my daughter - and the journaling describes how we always used to sit on the floor after my DD took a bath to dry her hair so we could all be in the family room together and talk about the day and what was going to happen tomorrow.

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