Friday, January 18, 2008

Hanging in there!

I'm very tired today. It was a long day of volunteering, cleaning, picking up kids and then heading to the dentist. My youngest was EXHAUSTED today, much like my middle child was last night. Anyhow, that was the layout on the plate tonight: "But Mom, I'm just not tired . . . " Famous last words of a typical on-the-go 5 year-old boy, aren't they?? LOL

I know the stitching is bad on this one. I am tired (did I already mention that?) and I didn't feel like loading photos off the camera tonight . . . It's using the CTMH Serendipity papers (limited time only special through the end of January) and is very simple. Journaling reads: "But Mom, I'm just not tired," were the last words I heard from you last night. Yesterday was rough: from the yellow card at school to your behavior with the family . . . it was so obvious to me that you were beyond exhaustion. About five minutes after you said your last words, I snapped this photo of you . . . rest your mind, body and soul and I'll see you in the morning. {heart} mom.

I also learned today that a friend couldn't comment because I had it set to require a blogger account. I'm changing that today - I'd hate for someone to not be able to comment just because they'd have to set up yet another account! Yikes . . . I know exactly what she means . . .
Hope everyone's having a Fabulous Friday!!

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