Thursday, January 24, 2008

Do you ever get tired of waking up early?? Today is the third time this week that I've had to have my Kdg'er at school before 8 am. Luckily, that means he's falling asleep much faster at night, but he's still wanting to sleep in come morning. I'm so tired of this battle . . . I wish it'd become habit for them to get up . . . my youngest btw, was up at 5 am. Of course, then hubby gets home at 9 pm and we relax and watch some TV together - finally falling asleep somewhere between 11 and midnight. Sigh . . . I think I'd love for everyone to be on similar schedules - revolving around mine of course! LOL

Today my dd is allowed to have a guest at lunch for the "special awards assembly" given during their lunch hour. Her nana was supposed to come to, but she called DD at the bus stop to tell her she's sick and can't make it. You know, I completely understand about being sick and not coming, but don't wait until my daughter is at the bus stop. Either call while she's still at home and can be a little upset there, or just don't call. I'm a little annoyed as my step mom has been cancelling more and more things with my kids lately. At any rate, DD made "honor roll" for the 9 weeks - which also put her at 4 A's and 2 B's for the semester!! HOOORAYYY for her!! I'm so proud . . . in middle school, that's a lot of work!

Today's also my morning to go help out at my son's Kdg. class. I'll leave there, come home for about a half hour and then go pick up lunch for my daughter, and head to the middle school. Nothing "too" special about it. I used CTMH stamps for the soccer balls and the word "soccer" and black and white CS. Journaling stamp is from autumn leaves. I had been wanting to scrap these pictures, but couldn't handle doing a layout for EVERY game he's ever played. I'm sure I'll do a layout of his soccer friends too - since they're not really featured here and he's made some great ones! These shots show him in a variety of positions and practic and games - along with his "formal" picture.

I'm still doing well on my LayOut A Day challenge over at BPS (if you haven't been keeping up with the daily posts!) Yesterday's layout was my 5 yo's first soccer season.

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