Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What color blue are you?

You are Ocean Blue

You're both warm and practical. You're very driven, but you're also very well rounded.
You tend to see both sides to every issue, and people consider you a natural diplomat.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last night I cut it close with the LOAD . . . in fact, it wasn't even done by midnight our time . . . luckily the rules state that it's by midnight MST :) I was working on a 2 pager while trying to just listen to a movie my hubby wanted me to watch . . . Good Luck Chuck . . . I seriously did NOT want to watch this but it was HILARIOUS, and really a romantic comedy. Have any of you seen it?? See, my hubby has a "thing" for Alba, just like I have a thing for Russell Crowe or Orlando Bloom . . . so I let him watch it . . . and he really wanted me to watch it the next night . . . and I got so caught up watching it, that I didn't work on my layouts until it was over. The things you do for your husband, right ladies??

I then proceeded to crash and get up this morning, get the kids to school, and spent the morning at our local scrapbook store. Now, those of you that know me KNOW that I don't get a lot done at crops because I'm too busy socailizing. I thought for sure that I would get quite a bit done at the store today because I was only going with two other ladies that I didn't know that well. Yeah, right . . . well . . . first thing I do when I walk in is see a dear friend Ellen trying to spend some money. Then, a mom of a classmate/teammate of my Kindergartner walks in. She's clueless with the scrapbooking thing, but her husband is restoring a classic Mustang and at the shows, they put together albums, so she's doing that for him. So I took some time and showed her around and helped her look for some things. By now I've finished up the journaling from the 2nd page from last night and I'm trying to work on a 2nd page, but then my friend Ann comes through the door to pick up some of her Garage sale stuff from Saturday. She and her daughter stayed for a bit and chatted . . . needless to say, I got only ONE other page done besides the one I had started last night . . . but at least it was free and I had a great time socializing! LOL

Here are the two pages from yesterdays and todays LOAD challenge at BPS:

Monday, January 28, 2008

Totally Textured!!!

Oh my . . . I just checked out the new flyer for consultants regarding the special for February!! I am SO EXCITED about this limited time only special and I'm just not going ot spill the beans yet! I will tell you, it's a hefty chunk of change to lay down at one time, BUT it's such a great deal, I just know you'll want in on it!! Start saving your pennies . . . pay day is around the corner . . . and check back soon for all the details!!

Where did the weekend go??

Where did the weekend go??? I learned that a friend is safe and sound at home after spending some time in the hospital, that my kids are fabulous, and that Sydney White really isn't that bad of a teen-y bopper movie! LOL It was a great weekend minus my hubby having to work off and on. Yesterday we stayed close to home and watched a few movies, but my boys wanted to WASH daddy's car!! YIKES and BRRRR . . .

I have completely slacked with uploading layouts from the challenge too . . . sorry about that! Here they are:This one is from an album I've been wanting to start . . . it's called Photos I Love, is a 9x9 size and I'll be using a CTMH 9x9 album for this. This is my youngest with his typical personality - bashful, sticking out his tongue (completely silly habit of his) and handing me a flower . . . so I can add to it easily, these layouts are so completely simple!
Here is the one I finished last night. The page is actually a swap page of Majestic Blue from CTMH. It was nice to just be able to put down some pictures that worked well and do the journaling . . . but alas, it's a layout done! :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tonight's Layout

Hmmm, I know . . . a bit plain huh?? I think I'll be adding some red, but tonight was one of those nights where I just am about to crash and burn. It was a struggle getting any scrapping done at all tonight because the kids were all wound up for some reason. My lovely DD treated us to Starbucks and then I came home and got to work "straightening" since today while everyone was at school, I took a nap to catch up on sleep from the last three nights - it hasn't been that great with me putting the boys to bed "on time" as L keeps getting up at 5:30 and it's driving me crazy . . . I actually did two loads of laundry - washed, dried, folded and PUT AWAY, a load of dishes, and picked up all the toys laying around the house and straightened up the laundry room and the boys' room! I was mighty impressed!
Anyhow, to try and remember at times like this that I do love them so very much, I scrapped this picture of them COOPERATING and bringing in the trash cans one Friday afternoon (almost a year ago!!!!) I love this picture of them together. helping. me. They can be such great kids and it's so wonderful when I can catch glimpses of this! There's another one I "almost" did, but this copy I have is going to go in the Photos I Love (as this one may too) . . . but before I actually do the layout, I need to work on the schematic for the album. I know it'll be 9x9, but I don't know if I want to just stick with some cardstock and possibly vellum to let the photos and stories stand out, or if I'm going to let the picture decide . . . so I'm going to brainstorm that as I fall asleep tonight. I hope everyone is having an absolutely FABULOUS Friday.
On one last scrappin' note: I saw a picture today of a Cutter-Fly . . . yes, from the same company that makes the Cutterpede and other "bug" tools . . . it looked pretty awesome. It was basically a utility "knife" with all those little pull-out things for various items needed in scrapbooking. It retailed at 19.95 and had MANY different things. I'll have to find the link and post it tomorrow . . . it was pretty cool, but I don't think I can pay $20 for the little guy.

IT'S HERE!!!!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!! . . . and other news!!

Oh my gosh, I found it on my way out to pick up my youngest today from school - sitting at the garage door yet again . . . (which is just a tad annoying) but now I'm dying to crop tonight. I don't know when my hubby will be home, but I'm thinking once he is, DD and I will take over the kitchen table . . . A friend mentioned that hers came without the grommets, and I was worried at first, but they were in the bottom of the box, underneath the Big Bite and all it's packaging!
I need to do something about this cropping at night thing, mainly because I'm so tired of rushing to do a layout, take the picture, upload it, resize it, and then upload it to the site . . . I've really enjoyed doing this layout a day thing. Someone on the boards asked what we are most going to take away from this challenge. I basically have been doing really good at picking up after myself after I finish a layout. I found I was wasting TONS of time searching for things I used on the previous layout because I didn't put it back where it belongs. I'm working on another challenge with cleaning up and re-organzing my space. It's not like I have a lot to work with since moving into my bay window, but here's hoping that I can bless someone else with some of my things that I'm just not using. Don't be surprised if you see a "sale" on here sometime in the near future. Heck, maybe even just for the price of postage you could end up with some great things . . . so be sure to check back within the next week or two!
In other news . . . It's FINALLY FRIDAY!!!! YEAH!! Okay, I know, I stay at home all week . . . take care of the kids and clean house and well, how is Friday (or even the weekend) any different than any other day of the week?? I'll tell ya why . . . because for once there is no football, and I don't have to get up early to take my kidlets to school. My middle child in Kindergarten, has to be at school 3 days a week before 8 am, and I'm tired of traveling back and forth to two different schools.
Next week, I have an Open House on Monday (along with Basketball practice) a croppin' date on Tuesday and a crop at my house on Friday night for the JPS group! I "think" that's all the official stuff on my calendar that HAS to get done . . . OHHHH, I know what else . . . On Monday I'm going into M's classroom to take a picture of the Igloo building going on. The class has been collecting 1 gallon milk jugs and hot gluing them together . . . resulting in an igloo big enough to fit 3 kids. The teacher plans on using it as a reading center . . . but it's a culmination of their "winter" unit on Inuits and snowmen and all that other COLD stuff! LOL Ya'll do know I hate the cold, right?? :)
That's all for now . . . I will hopefully be back later tonight to post my layout - maybe even K's too!

Almost forgot . . .

Here's the layout from last night. It's using the Rough n Tumble papers from CTMH . . . stamp set is Giggles lowercase - buttons in Outdoor Denim . . . journaling was done with the CTMH Font CD. I loved this day at the park. It was highly unusual for my children to get along that afternoon as well as they did, but it sure was cold . . . and the sun was setting.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I heard from a long-lost friend today!!! Okay, maybe Heather's really not long-lost, but she has moved away and I feel like we haven't talked in F-O-R-E-V-E-R . . . not like we used to get to chat all that much anyhow - she was always so busy and we lived about 40 minutes away from each other . . . but now we live about 3 hours from each other. She told me she went ahead and signed up for Library of Memories today!! WHOOO HOOO!! A real-life friend in class :) All alumni so far have gotten to take the class for free (we just don't get to win prizes and get a new welcome packet) . . . and while I've made lots of friends through class, we're all so far away and don't really get to meet and share in person. Anyhow, Heather, it was great to hear from you today!

On the note of my Big Bite, I finally got notice that it was shipping, but no update has been done since the billing was received on the 22nd . . . so, I don't know what that means other than it's "close." lol

I'm still trying to figure out which pictures I want to work on tonight. I have several ideas running through my head, but I am SO TIRED (remember those three days in a row of getting up at 6:30) . . . sometimes I don't think there's enough coffee in the world! I took a short cat nap and fixed a cup of coffee (I'm so cold, too) and now I'm dealing with dinner and some crazy boys trying to bounce balls in my house . . . hopefully when I sit down to scrap, something will pop out at me so I don't have to stress over a decision! :)

Talk to everyone soon!

Anyone know what this is??

. . . . . .

. . . . . . . . ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yep, that's right . . . it's the Big Bite of a case! LOL Yep, my case arrived here two days ago - that wasn't supposed to leave HSN until LATE January . . . of course, the actual tool is still NOT HERE . . . HSN really messed up this time! It's annoying to me that I know at LEAST 20 people who already have their tool - some which ordered after me - and mine was supposedly shipped out today . . . though it says only billing information has been received and they're manifesting pickup. HUH??? Yes, I'm annoyed with them right now. My case does me NO GOOD without having the tool to put it in.

Thanks for listening to my little vent this morning . . . I'm off to go help out in the classroom!!
Do you ever get tired of waking up early?? Today is the third time this week that I've had to have my Kdg'er at school before 8 am. Luckily, that means he's falling asleep much faster at night, but he's still wanting to sleep in come morning. I'm so tired of this battle . . . I wish it'd become habit for them to get up . . . my youngest btw, was up at 5 am. Of course, then hubby gets home at 9 pm and we relax and watch some TV together - finally falling asleep somewhere between 11 and midnight. Sigh . . . I think I'd love for everyone to be on similar schedules - revolving around mine of course! LOL

Today my dd is allowed to have a guest at lunch for the "special awards assembly" given during their lunch hour. Her nana was supposed to come to, but she called DD at the bus stop to tell her she's sick and can't make it. You know, I completely understand about being sick and not coming, but don't wait until my daughter is at the bus stop. Either call while she's still at home and can be a little upset there, or just don't call. I'm a little annoyed as my step mom has been cancelling more and more things with my kids lately. At any rate, DD made "honor roll" for the 9 weeks - which also put her at 4 A's and 2 B's for the semester!! HOOORAYYY for her!! I'm so proud . . . in middle school, that's a lot of work!

Today's also my morning to go help out at my son's Kdg. class. I'll leave there, come home for about a half hour and then go pick up lunch for my daughter, and head to the middle school. Nothing "too" special about it. I used CTMH stamps for the soccer balls and the word "soccer" and black and white CS. Journaling stamp is from autumn leaves. I had been wanting to scrap these pictures, but couldn't handle doing a layout for EVERY game he's ever played. I'm sure I'll do a layout of his soccer friends too - since they're not really featured here and he's made some great ones! These shots show him in a variety of positions and practic and games - along with his "formal" picture.

I'm still doing well on my LayOut A Day challenge over at BPS (if you haven't been keeping up with the daily posts!) Yesterday's layout was my 5 yo's first soccer season.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yesterday's layout

will look eerily familiar to a previous one or two layouts. I'm really liking the white background with splashes of color with Loveland. This layout also has a picture of my oldest with one of her younger brothers - this time, it's the youngest though, on the day he came home from the hospital - not at the hospital. I did happen to use a different sketch and different title ;) so they weren't "too identical." Nonetheless, this wasy day 22 . . . I'm still working on tonight's layout (day 23) . . . I need to do some planning to get me through the rest of the week! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You may want to sit down . . .

LOL . . . just my way of warning you that I actually cooked food tonight! :) You know, not just warming up food, or making something easy like spaghetti . . . but really cooking salmon and green beans and feeding my kids something healthy. I know, scary.

What led to this you may ask?? I got on a scale for something the other day though - I try to avoid the scale - and realized that I had gained over 10 pounds in the last few months. So, it's time to get serious. I did 50 sit-ups today, and while I didn't walk outside of the house, the cleaning that I accomplished sure felt like I walked some miles. Tomorrow before the grocery, I'm aiming for the Y . . . I NEED to be back on an elliptical. I actually miss it. Isn't that funny??

I was sad today to learn that Heath Ledger died today. While I never saw Brokeback Mountain, I did enjoy his acting both in First Knight (remember, I have a 13 yo) and in The Patriot. I hear he's fantastic in the new Batman movie that is still in post-production too. Academy Award nominations also came out today as well. Viggo Mortinson and Johnny Depp were among the Best Actor nominees. I wasn't too familiar with the titles though . . . except of course, Ratatoille (there were only 3 Animated Film nomiations, btw). I am going to have to do some research and see some of these before awards night! Anyone local up for a movie night sometime soon??

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another 8.5x11 layout (LOAD #21)

What do you think?? Cute, huh? This is my youngest getting used to the water at the Y pool this past spring. I had a lot of fun playing with my camera at the Y this summer and I got some great shots with the zoom so my camera didn't have to get too close to the water! lol This uses KI Memories, Bazzill CS, CTMH CS (sweet leaf), Autumn Leaves journal stamp, and MM buttons.
Along with this being for LOAD over at BPS, it's also taken from a sketch given to us in another BPS class called Creativity: A Daily Dose. Little challenges and sketches were given to us every other day in combination with little projects like an envelope purse (I'll share that soon) and cards . . . If you haven't taken a class over there, I highly recommend it. The Projects NOW are nice . . . and I wish I had acted quick enough to get in on the Greatest Love Story Ever Told, but I didn't and now it's sold out . . . but I will tell you that the Workshops are 10x better than the projects. To talk one on one with the teachers, have message boards and get to know many of your classmates, and to have chats and be inspired by scrapbookers all over the world is amazing! I'm getting ready to go into Library of Memories again . . . class starts on February 28 and I can't wait! Many of the "alumni" from the last class have stayed in touch via a Yahoo group and some of them are even featured in Stacy Julian's new book: Photo Freedom! Very cool!

In other news . . . today was MLK day so the kids were out of school. What is it with teenagers and attitudes?? My youngest woke up this morning at 2:30 am and did not fall back asleep until after 5:30. Why is it that kids can't stay on their same sleep schedule?? I didn't do anything different . . . I didn't make him go to bed at 7:30 and he should not have woken up that early . . . but he did, and he went to the playroom and I kept waking up to Spongebob on the TV - every 30 minutes or so as an episode ended and you'd hear the din, dih-din, dah-din . . . you know that cheesy music as the credits role?? ugh . . . He then proceeded to wake up by 9 am again!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Todays layout (LOAD #20)

I started this one last night at the crop, but had to finish stamping the months and then finish up the journaling . . . (I think it's time to step away from Scenic Route and move on to something else . . . everyone may start to think that they're actually paying me for advertising! LOL)

Feeling Honored . . .

My layout "Big Sis" was featured today as the Layout of the Day at Scrapper's Daily Dose. They're very nice over there and have definitely made me feel welcomed! You should check them out. Thanks ladies!

I took the plunge . . .

I finally did an 8.5x11 layout after 6 years. I had done ONE theme album of my daughters first trip to Disney, and then moved on to 12x12 in 2001 and hadn't looked back - until recently I had been having the urge to do something different . . . I really enjoyed it. It's one of the layouts I finished last night at a local store crop . . . This was done using a sketch from a Big Picture Scrapbooking class I took this past spring - Creativity: A Daily Dose. Gretchen was a wonderful instructor and it was so much fun mixing up altered projects with cards, tags, and layouts. I think I'll have to do more of this size too! For my Library of Memories albums, I use the American Craft 3-ring Moderns and they'll fit CTMH page protectors (imo, the best out there) along with the different sizes of page protectors. I still use my CTMH leather and linen albums for baby albums, wedding albums, Christmas albums, etc.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

As the weather is getting colder again tomorrow, I'm heading off to bed. My lovely DH decided he needed the fan ON tonight . . . so I guess I'm sleeping in sweats! LOL Anyhow, I just finished scanning in today's layout for LOAD . . . I couldn't get away from the Scenic Route Loveland papers yet. I love how they are so youthful and fun! So, here's a layout celebrating my DD becoming a big sister for the first time - or my middle child meeting his big sister for the first time . . . however you want to look at it. It'll be going in DS #1 section of our family albums. Forgot to add that the scans stink on an 8.5x11 scanner - some of the penwork is missing (and their names and date are at the bottom). AC Thickers for Big Sis

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hanging in there!

I'm very tired today. It was a long day of volunteering, cleaning, picking up kids and then heading to the dentist. My youngest was EXHAUSTED today, much like my middle child was last night. Anyhow, that was the layout on the plate tonight: "But Mom, I'm just not tired . . . " Famous last words of a typical on-the-go 5 year-old boy, aren't they?? LOL

I know the stitching is bad on this one. I am tired (did I already mention that?) and I didn't feel like loading photos off the camera tonight . . . It's using the CTMH Serendipity papers (limited time only special through the end of January) and is very simple. Journaling reads: "But Mom, I'm just not tired," were the last words I heard from you last night. Yesterday was rough: from the yellow card at school to your behavior with the family . . . it was so obvious to me that you were beyond exhaustion. About five minutes after you said your last words, I snapped this photo of you . . . rest your mind, body and soul and I'll see you in the morning. {heart} mom.

I also learned today that a friend couldn't comment because I had it set to require a blogger account. I'm changing that today - I'd hate for someone to not be able to comment just because they'd have to set up yet another account! Yikes . . . I know exactly what she means . . .
Hope everyone's having a Fabulous Friday!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

So (NOT) feelin' the love . . .

Okay, so here's my Scenic Route layout . . . It is probably my FAVORITE layout that I've ever done in 7 years of scrappin' . . . and no one really seems to think anything of it. Granted, it's not a photo of me or any of MY kids, but it is about my DD . . . I thought it was just precious . . .

Any thoughts??? I obviously have something I need to work on since it's not catching anyone's attention . . . :(

Some random thoughts . . .

I've decided that I'll at least interview for the Pre K teacher position at the preschool my son has been attending this year. My heart remains in wanting to improve my photography to where that can eventually become full time, along with possibly going into real estate when the market picks back up.

Speech is going well for my youngest, especially . . . but both are making huge improvements.

I had to take my Kdg early again (every Thursday) because he's part of the TBE mail team . . . he's been promoted to "assistant mail carrier!" lol I'd need to go grab a photo of the group for the TBE scrapbooks that I work on for PFA.

I'm going in to volunteer in my Kdg. classroom just like every other Thursday out there for their Great Leaps Reading Program.

I recieved an email last night from a favorite person to which she's asking me to do some things. I have to keep it hush-hush until it's announced but I so can not wait to tell all of you!

I entered one of my layouts in a contest over at The Scrappy Gourmet . . . maybe today or tomorrow will lead to another one. I'm really enjoying the Scenic Route lines. It's so much fun and so easy to pull something together for my kids with this line. It's not too "grown up" and not too "baby" either! I so wish I could find a way to get Scenic Route product for FREE! LOL

I'm still plugging along with the "Get a LOAD of this" Challenge over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I've completed up to Day 16 and I'll be working on today's (Day 17) later!

Lain E. over at ScrapHappy is leading the LOAD challenge. She has a great blog . . . you should defnitely check it out. She also does Podcasts and interviews people from the scrappin' world. Yesterday was one with an interview from Linda Woods, author of the book Journal Revolution. If you listen to the interview, there's some details on what you can do to win your free copy! I've entered! After all, it's BPS's Reading Room (their online book club) book for February.

So, without further adieu (since I have to go take my youngest to school very soon), here is the layout from Day 15. Yes, I know this first one is nothing special . . . The point is "I SCRAPBOOKED!!"
This is actually the facing page of a trip to Theatre of the Sea in Islamorada, FL. I got to swim with the dolphins (they're on the facing page) . . . short, sweet and simple and the point of this layout was to finish it. This trip was from 1997, but I didn't start scrapping until 2000 and these have been "in the box" and I wanted them displayed. I LOVED Key West. This page matches all the papers and accessories that I've used throughout the whole album and I still may go add a few things - later - if I decide to. For now, I'm calling it good. My mind had been on the one I'll post next in all honesty, but I had to still print out a picture and by the time I got to scrapbook the night I did this layout, DH was already asleep and he would have been quite upset to awake to a printer . . .
Those of you who come and visit, please don't be shy. Feel free to leave a comment on the link below. You do have to be a blogger member, but it's great . . . so don't hesitate about joining up and maybe starting your own blog!

Monday, January 14, 2008

LOAD #13 and #14

I've got today's done already, and I didn't get a chance to share yesterday's!! Here they are:This green is much greener IRL . . . I don't know why it looks so "country." I'm refusing to buy new product for these challenges . . . I much rather would have had some new Basic Grey or Scenic Route Christmas . . . but that'll be what I use for the other years of Christmases I need to do! LOL
I had to go get tires put on my car this morning . . . now that "new tire smell" had infested my car and I'm fighting a headache . . . so I'm off to go rest my eyes and take some Motrin . . . until tomorrow!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

LOAD Day 12 and other things

Short and sweet today . . . used Precious Paisley paper pack from CTMH - now discontinued. I loved how the colors of the paper brighten up the photos. These were taken back when the Orange Park mall actually had the carousel as part of the Aladdin's arcade room . . . now our nearest carousel is in St. Augustine.
Matthew had a basketball game today, and pictures . . . He did really well scoring two baskets. I know, it doesn't seem like a lot for basketball, but when you're talking that teams in general only score about 5 times a game max and the team we played only scored once, it doesn't seem so bad - especially since he's one of the shortest on the team! LOL

Friday, January 11, 2008

LOAD Day 11

I posted my last few days layouts below, but this is the layout I started last night and finished today for Day 11. I had the Basic Grey Infuse papers picked out since I got her pictures back from the school, but just figured out what to do with it yesterday. The layout design is based on a sketch from another Big Picture Scrapbooking class - this one by Gretchen S. called Creativity: A Daily Dose! Enjoy!

I stumbled this week . . .

Okay, so my last post is from Tuesday. I hung in there going back to work and remembering to blog for one night. Honestly, I could barely scrap a page this week either. Luckily, I used one in my "backup" that I needed to finish but really didn't want to share (read: OLD) and then the other I completely did one night and seperated them into two pages to share. Bad, I know . . . but I was EXHAUSTED! I was on my feet for four hours straight, and while I wasn't dealing with children constantly, I was running errands and laminating and copying and giving bathroom breaks and cutting things out and gluing things down! LOL I did enjoy it, but I couldn't stand any longer once I was home hardly, and for those that know me, I scrapbook standing UP - on my feet . . . ouch! I was seriously (and I guess I still am) considering going back to work at this school next year as a PreK teacher and well . . . I'm just not used to getting up and having to get ready to be presentable at 6:30 am anymore! sigh . . .

So, here are the two layouts that I finished the last few days:
I really like how this one turned out. It was based off of a BH sketch with American Crafts Playground paper. I love how it looks like bubbles!

This one has pink floss hanging from the horizontal picture to make it look similar to a picture frame. I wish I could move the two bottom ones closer together, but they were glued down a while ago. I added the blue background and the journaling this week. Not a favorite, but I loved the pictures of my Nana with my daughter - and the journaling describes how we always used to sit on the floor after my DD took a bath to dry her hair so we could all be in the family room together and talk about the day and what was going to happen tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Mary tagged me this time! Thanks, Mary! I'm sure this will be a blast!! :-) For the two people I tag, you'll need to add another question/topic to the list and have it be a 2 item, then tag 2 more people.

1. Name your 2 favourite scrapbooking topics. kids and trips

2. What are the 2 best places you've been to? Key West and Charleston, SC

3. Name 2 things you do every day. Email some friends and play with my kids.

4. Tell us 2 things that pretty much everyone knows about you. I love scrappin' (duh) and I'm a native Floridian

5. Tell us 2 things that everyone DOESN'T know about you. I'm a packrat and I like to bake Snickerdoodles.

6. Tell us 2 things that got you into the hobby of scrapping? I needed some "escape time" and I wanted to have my photos out of boxes.

7. Tell us 2 things that you want to accomplish in the next six months. I want to take a photography class online with Alison Tyler Jones and I want to declutter my house

I'm tagging Lisa and Jeanne next. Remember, answer these seven (7) and then add your own question with "two of something" and then tag two more! This way the list grows as it's being passed along! I can't wait to read your answers!

Load #7

Ooops, I'm slackin! This layout took me forever because I was also being quite entertained watching Ohio State get their rear ends handed to them on a platter by another SEC football team - GEAUX TIGERS!!

Here's the layout that should have only taken 15 minutes - used CTMH and Autumn Leaves (love those journaling stamps) stamps and Basic Grey Recess paper line - and some misc. cardstock too. What do ya think?

Monday, January 07, 2008

A scrappy good time!

A discussion on a scrappin' group I'm a part of centered around how many layouts we accomplished in 2007 and what our goals are for the 2008 year . . . I never did do very well at keeping track of all my layouts/cards/etc during the year, but it didn't take long to figure it all out! LOL Sad, but true . . . I didn't scrap nearly as much as DD thought I did and I can't wait to show her the numbers tomorrow.

In 2007, I accomplished:

  • 56 layouts (or 74 pages)
  • 76 cards (some for swaps)
  • 3 altered items

I'm amazed I accomplished that much to be quite honest. It feels that every layout I do takes FOREVER and a day due to interruptions or getting sidetracked. I'm doing my best to do better.

For 2008, I'm sitting at:
  • 9 layouts (11 pages)
  • 0 cards
  • 1 altered word book in progress
This layout I did today for the LOAD challenge at Big Picture Scrapbooking only took me about 20 minutes once I decided on the photo to use! It's actually a picture that DD's birth dad gave me one Christmas back when she was 5 (in the picture she was 4 1/2). Currently my parents have MOST of the pictures from when she was this age and earlier, so I don't get to scrap them as much as I'd like. My mom hates going through the piles of photos that she has, and she won't let me near them since there are "personal" ones from her first marriage, etc in there too. So I really enjoyed getting to do this one. I have loved the Dutch Girl line from Cosmo Cricket since I started seeing it in the galleries but I was on a no-buy then. So imagine my surprise when I went to my LSS the other day and really browsed around and found a little stash of paper and even the cigar box of chipboard alphas and shapes. I was SO HAPPY!! Anyhow, like I said . . . 20 minutes - nice and simple. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Today . . .

I'm kind of bummed today. I realized that tomorrow is Monday and it's the last day of the kids' holiday breaks. I've got to go get new tires on the van in the AM, but afterwards, I'm vowing to do something FUN with all of them . . . the rest of the day! I hate the groove of school - getting everyone up, packing lunches, and sending them out the door - usually running behind. I WANT to do better in 2008! Of course, going to bed after midnight like I am right now is not going to help me get up early and get moving, is it? Ahhh . . . tomorrow . . . at least with hubby's new coffee grinder, it's so much easier to know just how much coffee to put into the machine! (Sad but true, I never used to make coffee . . . but I am now). I'm hoping to be up with him around 6:30 every morning, get breakfast and coffee going, and then get the kids up at 7:15 (well, the boys anyhow . . . darling daughter can sleep in a bit).
We spent today watching football, playing with Christmas toys, and Grandma came up to bring the gifts from their aunt and uncle in Texas. I took down ornaments from the tree when the rest of the house went for a walk to a nearby playground. Tomorrow is the LSU/OSU football game where we of course are rooting for the SEC. Geaux Tigers!!

LOAD #5 and GO JAGS!!

I did this one late last night while I was preoccupied with the Jags/Steelers game . . . but it was some photos that stuck out to me as I went through my storage albums and so here it is! Depending on the outcome of one of the games today, Jacksonville could be in store to play Indianapolis or New England - two of the best teams in the league, imho - so it may be the end of our playoff run, but I'm still so proud of them for getting this far!

Without further ado, my middle child (then 15 months old, now 5 1/2) rearranging my bowls in the pantry . . . ahhh, the daily life of a SAHM!

Friday, January 04, 2008

LOAD #4 and a few musings

I didn't have a lot of time to create today. My 4 yo decided to wake up at 5 AM and by the time the rest of the house woke up, I was exhausted. I was not a happy camper most of the day. DD was going to have a sleepover tonight and cleaning NEEDED to be done, along with trying to survive the day with my 4 yo already tired by 9 am (and me too)! Needless to say, the 4 yo fell asleep at 6 pm.

Anyhow, this morning, while it was only my youngest awake, I took the time to finish up some layouts (and we're talking layouts that have been in my "work in progress" binder for probably YEARS) . . . luckily since I finished it today, it still counts as doing a layout today! (does this sound a lot like yesterday?) By the time I sat down tonight and tried to come up with some creative thoughts, they just weren't there. I feel brain-dead.

Here's a list of the photos I have pulled to scrapbook at some point soon:

  • My youngest at 1 - several great shots of him on his first birthday - not the party, but the actual day . . .
  • My middle child's first soccer year (which covers two seasons) - obviously a 2 pager, if not more, coming here. I may do one 2 pager for each season . . . still thinking.
  • A trip to Sea World that I took my middle child on . . . DD was out of town, and the youngest wasn't quite at the age where I was going to do "both kids" at a theme park by myself . . . it was for Spooktacular with a playgroup I used to belong to.

I've been brewing thoughts in my head about a few of these layouts, while they aren't necessarily something I have pictures pulled yet:

  • a layout about my nana's house before she moved to Land O' Lakes
  • SMILE . . . I'd love to find a photo of DD smiling here when she was younger
  • "not another picture" . . . completely got this idea from Lisa at the SY . . . my DD does the EXACT same thing and avoids the camera like the plague now. Poor kids.
  • sweet beginnings - totally lifting the idea from Mary . . .
  • A Year In Review layout for a challenge in one of my scrappin' groups

I want to use some "new to me" Scenic Route (Asheville) and Cosmo Cricket (Dutch Girl) that I just picked up . . . I also picked up some of the new BoBunny but it was in a kit. I'm planning on surprising DH with that one of these days - maybe not for Valentine's, but our anniversary isn't far away either. Also, another challenge list I'm on is forcing me to use glitter paper, metallic paper, and vellum this month, so I'm going to try and fit those in along the lines somewhere. You know what I'm really wanting I think for the 1 yo layout - hmmm, some BRIGHT and bold boy stuff - not the pastels and not the primaries . . . but those citrus-y looking colors . . . hmmm.

Anyhow, today's LOAD (#4)

It's so COLD and LOAD #3

I am not a fan of cold weather . . . I live in Florida for a reason. I do NOT like this cold snap that we're having. However, on news today (Today Show) they were talking about how not enough people get vitamin B because we block the natural suns rays from getting to us even in the summer time. They said that even 10 minutes outside without gloves, close to sunrise or sunset,will help us get the energy we need. For me, I've always felt that I get a little "gloomier" in the winter because of the shorter days anyhow, so this little piece of information let me to take the kids to the park at 4:30 PM. In the shade it was brutal. Where is this weather coming from? (Okay, not really - I know it's all got to do with the jet stream and a cold arctic blast of cold air, but again, Florida - the land of perpetual sun . . .

Anyhow, here's the LOAD for Day #3: My 2008 Goals . . . I enjoyed REALLY using stickles for the first time!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jan 2nd LOAD #2

Here's the layout using some old product for last year's Christmas pictures. I had planned the layout long before yesterday, but finally printed out the journaling and put the pictures on - so definitely done yesterday. It's complete, HOORAYY!!!!
It's kind of nice to see a signature line already on Jan 3rd Layouts complete: 2 . . . to be 3 later on! I didn't keep track of how many layouts I did last year. I posted them in SO MANY different places. I'm trying to get a flickr account set up so that I can post them there and have them all. One place would be so nice . . . I used to have a photobucket account with plenty loaded on it, but now I can't seem to access my account :( Very sad. I try and have my pw sent to me and it just times out. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, I'd love to hear them! I'd love to just access what I've already got and put a slideshow together.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I've decided to join a Layout a Day challenge this month over at BigPictureScrapbooking. It's the right price (read: FREE) AND there's daily giveaways as well as a grand prize drawing for those that continue through and post a LAYOUT a DAY. No altered items or cards count . . . There's no way I could think about doing a 365 club, but I'm hoping to seriously get a jumpstart on scrapping and stop being overcome with all the decisions I can make . . . so here's my first layout for January 1. What do you think?? I finally used my American Craft Thickers letters and I traced the arrow from a Scenic Route kit.

I've still got to do today's layout, but I've had a few things brewing in my head. Between fighting this head cold I got a day or two after Christmas and being the only adult in a house full of children again, my time back in my room has been small. When it gets finished, I'll share it as well!

Playing a little Catch-up!

I've missed posting here . . . life has been quite busy between taking Lance to speech, volunteering with the Giving Tree gifts for the needy at TBE (mainly wrapping), trying to stay on top of the holiday decorating and shopping for once, attending the all three children's holiday performances (Kristen was chorus, Matthew was holiday songs, and Lance's was a few songs with a skit put on by some of the adults in the school - a modern skit about Jesus' birth) AND trying to get our new countertops put in. THEN, hubby decided we needed new window treatments (well, he had decided this back before Thanksgiving, and when he realized that wouldn't happen - the custom ones - then just before Christmas he decided we needed to at least buy some nice good sheers and some new rods - not those white tension things, but the nicer ones with finials on the outside of the window. So, needless to say, spending over $400 on some nice sheers from PotteryBarn was not quite in the cards, but it happened anyhow!

Christmas was nice inside . . . although it was yucky and gloomy outside. Matthew's favorite thing was a skateboard and an Eyeclops, Lance got his "shark boat" and a Deisel 10 train that moves like a real engine, and Kristen got her Flat Iron. Of course, she didn't really get anything other than her plane ticket to Katie's from us, but her Aunt and Uncle bought her some nice outifts from Limited Too, and Nana and Papa bought her PJs from JCrew and a Dolphin painting from Nellie at MarineLand. Very cool stuff!

The boys also got an indoor basketball game, although ALL of the adults seem to play more with that then the kids!

Some of the other things we did this holiday break included:

  • going to the First Coast Winter Lights in Green Cove Springs

  • making chocolate brittle (a new one for us) and sugar cookies - just LOVE the premade sugar cookie dough that you can just roll out. Note to self: buy new cookie cutters for next year.

  • Went to the mall to sit on Santa's lap

  • Took Kristen to the airport (and picked her back up on New Year's Eve)

  • Took the boys to Washington Oaks State Park - simply beautiful gardens, playground, hiking trail, and as you can see below, beach! We picked a great day to go and picnic!

  • Took the boys bowling

  • Helped the boys rake leaves, and then play in them

  • Took the boys to our local park