Thursday, October 04, 2007

Busy School Days!

Once again, I've done a vanishing act. It wasn't for too long this time - just over two weeks. I was assigned October Library Helper at my youngest's school. Since they are so new, and a VPK program, they're not allowed to charge supply fees, and therefore, it's taking a while to build up libraries. So each week, I get to visit the library and pick up books pertaining to the next week's activities. I've borrowed books about different countries last week, I'm getting Dinosaurs and D words this week, and next week will be Fall Fun/Review, then E week focusing on author Eric Carle, and finally Farm Life/Animals! Whew! Wouldn't you know that I was assigned the ONLY month with five weeks! LOL I'm glad I've got the spare time to dedicate to his school. They are so awesome there and while we still love (and even miss) the old school, can't imagine having to make that drive every day now that I know what's right around the corner.

On another note, my Kindergartener has been chosen to be on the TBE "Mail Team" for the 2nd quarter. He has to report to duty the week of October 16th! (I wonder if they have uniforms that I need to get him in a picture to add to his album??) I've also been working with the PFA President to get our school's "archives" and scrapbooks in order. They fell by the wayside during the 2004-05 and 2005-06 school years, last year's is done, and then keep this year's current! I've been trying to track down parents and former teachers that may have been there in order to find photos and getting working relationships going with the faculty that will be putting together the yearbook this year and also with the person who will be taking a lot of press photos for PFA as well. That's been quite time-consuming, but if I can get all three of these albums done, and let go of my perfectionism, than I'll be doing super! I may enjoy it so much I might not let it go for the next eight years! LOL

My 7th grader is a month away from turning 13 . . . :( She's growing up WAY too fast. I'm planning her party right now too . . . what in the world do you do for a 13 yo??? By the time I turned 13, it seems like the parties were pretty much over . . . just sleepovers and pool (but we don't have a pool at the house for her). If you have any ideas, feel free to pass them along! I'm so needing the help right now! She's decided to join the Drama Club - meeting Fridays from 8:30-9:15 . . . thank goodness for carpooling! I only have to go out there once every other week . . .

More soon! I promise!

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Mary said...

Good-NESS!!! Thanks for painting the picture of my future life!!! LOL

SLOW DOWN a little... breathe (come scrapbook with us!!) lol