Thursday, September 20, 2007

My strong-willed son

is amazing to me . . . when he finally decides he wants something bad enough, he goes for it and succeeds! This is the same child that was potty-trained in two days. He started Kindergarten on August 20 and by that weekend he was bound and determined to ride two wheels on his bike so he too, could ride his bike to school. Well, that day he came home and had me take off his training wheels, by the 2nd day, he was done falling . . . that weekend we bought him a new bike. NOW, I just need to find a bike stroller for the youngest so that I can go directly from taking Matthew to school, to take the youngest to his PreK around the corner. There won't be time for me to head back home, get cleaned up and get in the car to drive him. I can't wait to start saving some gas money!!

Here's my fav photo of Matthew riding his new bike!

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Mary said...

OMGosh, look at that!! GO MATTHEW!!!! E is itching so bad to get hers off, it just stinks that J never has the time to help her. I totally insist that this be a father/daughter thing! lol