Saturday, September 22, 2007

Did you know???

That it's officially FALL?? Yeah, I know . . . it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
I'm in Florida and at some points throughout the year, I actually wish I wasn't in a flat sub-tropical climate sitting in the middle of hurricane season. I LOVE the feel of a crisp fall day and to just daydream of hiking in the mountains in the middle of fall foliage makes me want to take a weekend trip to NC.
Lately we've had record rainfall in the area - something like 10" towards our beaches - and that was just on Thursday. The soccer game last night where my boys' teams played each other was called due to lightening even though it really didn't rain until later. When we got home, we learned that our ac is on the fritz. Luckily it's been pretty overcast and it's was liveable last night when we finally shut it down. Someone came by today to fix it (with a $99.99 service call fee on top of the part), but as of tonight, we're having problems again. Hubby and I are thinking that it may be our thermostat, so he runs to Home Depot, picks up two because he can't "decide" and brings them home. While I'm looking at them "deciding," I realize that neither of these work. HD is now closed, and was by the time we figured this out, and we're not turning on the AC again to try and avoid further damaging a part that was just replaced . . . so, wish us luck tomorrow that we can exchange the two thermostats here for one that will work on our unit, AND that it's done before it gets too hot out . . . AND of course, that it will actually fix the problem and we don't have to call the repair guy back out. :-)
Bye for now!

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Mary said...

I am really ready for some cooler weather!! Oh, but you know... I need to go fall/winter clothes shopping! lol (that's not so bad, is it??!!) :)