Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crawling out from under the Rock

to congratulate Jeanne on being my RAK winner!! Email me your addy so I can send you your goodies, please! :)
Jeanne had a question (or two) for me!! Hooray! She wanted to know, "How often are you able to sit down to create things? Are you able to do it daily, weekly? I know you have kids in activities, so I was just curious. Where do you find your inspiration?"
Jeanne, I am able to sit down and create a little of something every day now if I choose to! I used to just be able to create in the evenings after kids have gone to bed, or once in a while on the weekends. It was difficult to stay in that "creative frame of mind" and actually be productive at things! NOW, I have all three of my kids in school, at least for the morning, five days a week! I'm also in a class where I'm learning that even THINKING about being creative helps me be more productive when I sit down to actually create . . . So, even if I'm deciding on a photo to scrapbook next, I do a little something every day.
As for my inspiration . . . I find it mainly from the photos I've taken, although I'm working on expanding that to EVERYWHERE! I'm working on using memories as inspiration as well as quotes and poems that just speak to me. It's been a battle to get into that groove, but I'm loving the results. I recently found a poem on 2Peas that I loved . . . It fits my oldest son (now 5) to a T and I'll be pulling different photos from different times to put a layout together about that centers around that poem.
Hope that answered your questions! :-)
Jean, another blogger, asked why I didn't have my name over in the "about me" section to the right . . . My answer: I never realized it was missing. As soon as I did, I went and fixed it! Thanks for the comment and the heads-up, Jean! :)

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