Monday, August 13, 2007

BLOG CANDY Anyone???

Okay everyone . . . I'm noticing a lot of hits, but not a lot of comments! LOL I want to open the forum up and have you all ask me any questions at all that you want to know about me, my crafting, and life! I do get to choose the ones I answer - some things are just not open for discussion on this board - (no sicko questions, please). For those who ask one or more questions, I'm going to put your name in a drawing for some BLOG CANDY!!! Disclaimer: You can ask as many questions as you'd like, but your name will only be entered one time. You will have until 5 pm tomorrow to ask your questions to be entered. At that point, I'll write down names of everyone and enter them into the drawing!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Remembering Elementary School

Yep, I know . . . long time, no see . . .

I've been busy . . . you should check out my CTMH website to see some of the artwork I've been doing. I also just finished doing a layout using the Floral Tapestry papers and the new Imagine book from Jeanette Lynton. LOVE that book!!
Anyhow, Kristen will be starting middle school in a short week . . . she has volleyball tryouts and orientation this week . . . and it's officially goodbye to elementary school. Summer, well, at least July when life finally slowed down, seems to have sped up. TBE has probably meant as much to me as it has to Kristen. Families in our community make up the population at that school. When Kristen started there, in Kindergarten and the first year of the school, there were four Kdg. teachers, and they were lucky to have four of other grade levels as well. I remember one grade only had two teachers! There are about 11 teachers now for Kindergarten . . . (Can you tell it's a popular area to live in? LOL)