Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ahhhh, time to CREATE today! It felt nice to get inspired and just go with the flow . . . it's nothing fancy, but I decided to do a layout on my favorite color (and why). It was a challenge from a friend of mine, and now I'm passing it on to you to see what brilliant pieces of work you can come up with. My challenge is this: Create a layout about your favorite color. You must use 3 photos, and accessories in that color (in mine, I used BLUE BRADS). You can use ribbon, brads, eyelets, flowers . . . whatever . . . but it needs to be visible on your picture. Here's mine.The layout itself is pretty basic, and that's okay . . . today I was in a get-it-done mode and not to mention, my two preschoolers running around had the majority of my attention. My thoughts are there, with a few pictures to go help emphasize the meaning . . . and that's the important thing. My desire to pass along the message of Stacy Julian's BIG Picture is even more so now . . . she knows what's going on . . . the important things! If you've not checked her online class website out yet, or her blog . . . do so NOW!!


Stamp Til Dawn said...

Too funny, my favorite color is also blue.. and my car is blue, and I like the ocean too...(hahaha...a rhyme). It will be fun to see how different our layouts turn out.

Erin said...

Lucky April, you've been tagged. See my blog at for the details.
Can't wait to see all of your artwork up!