Tuesday, December 25, 2007

If Santa was a Scrapper...

Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the home, Only one creature was stirring, A late night scrapper alone. While she cropped and she trimmed, Under her breath she was muttering, "He hid my darn Herma fix!" The poor wife was shuttering! When out on the lawn There arose such a clatter, She sprang from her table, And dropped her Magic Matter. Away to the window She flew like a flash, Thinking maybe it was UPS Bringing more for her stash! But what to her wondering eyes Should appear, But a miniature (die cut) sleigh And 8 (punchie) reindeer! With a little old driver So lively and quick She knew right away It was Jolee old St. Nick. He carried a sack Filled up to the brim, With paper packs, cardstock, And templates crammed in. There were punches, and stickers And eyelets galore, There was even a Cricut font Not yet in the stores! He went quickly to work, Stowing it all under her tree, The wire, the fibers, And all Acid Free! "Those Whale Punches are heavy!" She heard him exclaim, Then he turned to his reindeer And called them by name: "On Buyer and Stasher, Puncher and Cropper. On Scrapper, on Matter, On Trimmer and Cutter." And hesprang to his sleigh But before he could leave, The woman yelled, "STOP!" And pulled a camera from her sleeve. She snapped some quick photos For future keepsake, Thinking all the while, Of the layout she'd make! And she heard him exclaim. When she fimally let him go, "Happy Scrapping to All" And to all, "HO HO HO!" I found this linked through an email and the only credit given there was "from an email." Maybe I should change my name to Email and get some royalities from this stuff-LOL- even if I didn't originate it. (totally joking here)

Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm Alive!

Just wanted to let you know! I'm busy with family and we've all been fighting illnesses . . . more soon!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Got Scraps??

This tip for scraps was shared by an online friend, Wendy. Wendy says:

"I am in the process of cutting my scraps up (you know all those leftovers that we never use again?) into photo mats, card fronts, squares and 12" strips. I have them broken down like this...

1" to 6" Strips that are 12" long (in half inch increments)
12" strips smaller than 1"
Strip leftovers (not 12" long)
1" to 6" squares (in 1/4" increments)
2x3 to 7x9 photo mats (in 1/4" increments)
3.5x5 photo mats
4.25x5.5 card fronts
1x3 to 1x6 strips
2x6 strips
3x6 strips
Punchable Pieces (these are left for my kids to punch things out of whenever they feel like it. They get paid a penny a punch so they are pretty good about keeping this container empty! LOL!)

Isn't that organized?? She keeps them in seperate drawers, not by color. Currently I store them by color in their "family" but seriously, to have them all cut into us

Busy School Days!

Once again, I've done a vanishing act. It wasn't for too long this time - just over two weeks. I was assigned October Library Helper at my youngest's school. Since they are so new, and a VPK program, they're not allowed to charge supply fees, and therefore, it's taking a while to build up libraries. So each week, I get to visit the library and pick up books pertaining to the next week's activities. I've borrowed books about different countries last week, I'm getting Dinosaurs and D words this week, and next week will be Fall Fun/Review, then E week focusing on author Eric Carle, and finally Farm Life/Animals! Whew! Wouldn't you know that I was assigned the ONLY month with five weeks! LOL I'm glad I've got the spare time to dedicate to his school. They are so awesome there and while we still love (and even miss) the old school, can't imagine having to make that drive every day now that I know what's right around the corner.

On another note, my Kindergartener has been chosen to be on the TBE "Mail Team" for the 2nd quarter. He has to report to duty the week of October 16th! (I wonder if they have uniforms that I need to get him in a picture to add to his album??) I've also been working with the PFA President to get our school's "archives" and scrapbooks in order. They fell by the wayside during the 2004-05 and 2005-06 school years, last year's is done, and then keep this year's current! I've been trying to track down parents and former teachers that may have been there in order to find photos and getting working relationships going with the faculty that will be putting together the yearbook this year and also with the person who will be taking a lot of press photos for PFA as well. That's been quite time-consuming, but if I can get all three of these albums done, and let go of my perfectionism, than I'll be doing super! I may enjoy it so much I might not let it go for the next eight years! LOL

My 7th grader is a month away from turning 13 . . . :( She's growing up WAY too fast. I'm planning her party right now too . . . what in the world do you do for a 13 yo??? By the time I turned 13, it seems like the parties were pretty much over . . . just sleepovers and pool (but we don't have a pool at the house for her). If you have any ideas, feel free to pass them along! I'm so needing the help right now! She's decided to join the Drama Club - meeting Fridays from 8:30-9:15 . . . thank goodness for carpooling! I only have to go out there once every other week . . .

More soon! I promise!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Rounding Up" Your Memories

Okay, so surfing a few blogs today (okay found this in my saved drafts and decided to publish it today - so in actuality it was a few months ago) and found where Angie Pederson (of Book of Me fame) mentions Katie's Rounding Up Memories process! Katie's post is great because she actually walks you through a few important reminders not just memories, but backing up your digital photos, looking forward to the next month to see if there are any important photos you want to take from events, and more. Below are the questions she wants you to ask yourself about the previous month. This will not only help you review what your life was like, but serve as journaling and scrapbooking prompts when you're ready to sit down and create! Enjoy!

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?

What special days did I celebrate and how?
What gifts did I give and/or receive?
What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
What special or unusual purchases did I make?
What were this month's disappointments?

What were my accomplishments this month?
Anything else noteworthy to record?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Did you know???

That it's officially FALL?? Yeah, I know . . . it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
I'm in Florida and at some points throughout the year, I actually wish I wasn't in a flat sub-tropical climate sitting in the middle of hurricane season. I LOVE the feel of a crisp fall day and to just daydream of hiking in the mountains in the middle of fall foliage makes me want to take a weekend trip to NC.
Lately we've had record rainfall in the area - something like 10" towards our beaches - and that was just on Thursday. The soccer game last night where my boys' teams played each other was called due to lightening even though it really didn't rain until later. When we got home, we learned that our ac is on the fritz. Luckily it's been pretty overcast and it's was liveable last night when we finally shut it down. Someone came by today to fix it (with a $99.99 service call fee on top of the part), but as of tonight, we're having problems again. Hubby and I are thinking that it may be our thermostat, so he runs to Home Depot, picks up two because he can't "decide" and brings them home. While I'm looking at them "deciding," I realize that neither of these work. HD is now closed, and was by the time we figured this out, and we're not turning on the AC again to try and avoid further damaging a part that was just replaced . . . so, wish us luck tomorrow that we can exchange the two thermostats here for one that will work on our unit, AND that it's done before it gets too hot out . . . AND of course, that it will actually fix the problem and we don't have to call the repair guy back out. :-)
Bye for now!

Saying goodbye - and Halloween 1996

In honor of October almost being here . . . just to show that Halloween photos don't always call for Orange and Black . . . :-)

So, this is goodbye to a favorite . . . I really enjoyed this paper pack from CTMH (precious paisley), but it's now retired and the paper pack is already gone. There are some stickease and the level 1 kit still available, but I'm sure it won't be for long. This layout was partially done from a workshop I had designed, but several of the elements came from a swap I participated in. The artist of the title, slide frame, file folder, and photo mat was Sally Lynn MacDonald. I love that I have a touch of Sally Lynn added to this layout. She was always so talented and a true artist. Thanks Sally Lynn . . . I do so love how the pages turned out! Hope everyone else is enjoying them as well!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My strong-willed son

is amazing to me . . . when he finally decides he wants something bad enough, he goes for it and succeeds! This is the same child that was potty-trained in two days. He started Kindergarten on August 20 and by that weekend he was bound and determined to ride two wheels on his bike so he too, could ride his bike to school. Well, that day he came home and had me take off his training wheels, by the 2nd day, he was done falling . . . that weekend we bought him a new bike. NOW, I just need to find a bike stroller for the youngest so that I can go directly from taking Matthew to school, to take the youngest to his PreK around the corner. There won't be time for me to head back home, get cleaned up and get in the car to drive him. I can't wait to start saving some gas money!!

Here's my fav photo of Matthew riding his new bike!

Creativity: A Daily Dose

I'm learning a lot about how "I" create in this class . . . that even if I'm not completing a layout every day, I can still be thinking creatively . . . LOVE IT! I've been so productive in my crafting lately, I don't think I can share everything . . . some of it was just to get finished and scrapped . . . others I'm much happier about.

This one was based on a sketch from class . . . assignment was to find a 4x6 photo that we loved and explain why. I LOVED getting to finally use some good ol' stash that screams happy boy to me (SEI-Sporty)! This is my youngest at the local elementary school while we're waiting for his siblings . . .

Here's another project I did.

It's a photo holder card and is very simple to make. Instead of a typical 5.5x8.5 piece of cardstock scored at 4.25 for a standard card, it's longer - closer to 5.5x11, and it's scored at 4.25 and 8.5. The extra 2.5 inches is folded up, layered with paper and has a circle punch (1.5") taken to the center. This one is going to DH's Grandma in NJ! I used CTMH stamps and papers on it and the coluzzle to make the circle!

Crawling out from under the Rock

to congratulate Jeanne on being my RAK winner!! Email me your addy so I can send you your goodies, please! :)
Jeanne had a question (or two) for me!! Hooray! She wanted to know, "How often are you able to sit down to create things? Are you able to do it daily, weekly? I know you have kids in activities, so I was just curious. Where do you find your inspiration?"
Jeanne, I am able to sit down and create a little of something every day now if I choose to! I used to just be able to create in the evenings after kids have gone to bed, or once in a while on the weekends. It was difficult to stay in that "creative frame of mind" and actually be productive at things! NOW, I have all three of my kids in school, at least for the morning, five days a week! I'm also in a class where I'm learning that even THINKING about being creative helps me be more productive when I sit down to actually create . . . So, even if I'm deciding on a photo to scrapbook next, I do a little something every day.
As for my inspiration . . . I find it mainly from the photos I've taken, although I'm working on expanding that to EVERYWHERE! I'm working on using memories as inspiration as well as quotes and poems that just speak to me. It's been a battle to get into that groove, but I'm loving the results. I recently found a poem on 2Peas that I loved . . . It fits my oldest son (now 5) to a T and I'll be pulling different photos from different times to put a layout together about that centers around that poem.
Hope that answered your questions! :-)
Jean, another blogger, asked why I didn't have my name over in the "about me" section to the right . . . My answer: I never realized it was missing. As soon as I did, I went and fixed it! Thanks for the comment and the heads-up, Jean! :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

BLOG CANDY Anyone???

Okay everyone . . . I'm noticing a lot of hits, but not a lot of comments! LOL I want to open the forum up and have you all ask me any questions at all that you want to know about me, my crafting, and life! I do get to choose the ones I answer - some things are just not open for discussion on this board - (no sicko questions, please). For those who ask one or more questions, I'm going to put your name in a drawing for some BLOG CANDY!!! Disclaimer: You can ask as many questions as you'd like, but your name will only be entered one time. You will have until 5 pm tomorrow to ask your questions to be entered. At that point, I'll write down names of everyone and enter them into the drawing!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Remembering Elementary School

Yep, I know . . . long time, no see . . .

I've been busy . . . you should check out my CTMH website to see some of the artwork I've been doing. I also just finished doing a layout using the Floral Tapestry papers and the new Imagine book from Jeanette Lynton. LOVE that book!!
Anyhow, Kristen will be starting middle school in a short week . . . she has volleyball tryouts and orientation this week . . . and it's officially goodbye to elementary school. Summer, well, at least July when life finally slowed down, seems to have sped up. TBE has probably meant as much to me as it has to Kristen. Families in our community make up the population at that school. When Kristen started there, in Kindergarten and the first year of the school, there were four Kdg. teachers, and they were lucky to have four of other grade levels as well. I remember one grade only had two teachers! There are about 11 teachers now for Kindergarten . . . (Can you tell it's a popular area to live in? LOL)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Disappearing Act?!?!

I'm so sorry I forgot to let you all know that I would be away from blogging for a bit! CTMH had our annual new release of our catalog this past weekend at our Leadership event in San Diego, CA and I GOT TO BE THERE! I'm so thrilled with where this company is going! Not only will we have new paper kits and stamp sets, but we've got new product lines of "Foundry Frames and Plates," Edge Anchors, Distressing kit and paints (including small 1x1 distressing stamp pads), and clipboards and accordian albums in both 6x6 and 9x9 sizes!!

We have many new programs starting for consultants, including online training courses, a new album retreat for customers, and a new hostess program!!! Let me tell you ALL, you'll want to find a way to host a gathering with the new catalog!!

And the best news!!!! Convention 2008 is next in ORLANDO, FL!! (Hooray, no flight arrangements - the 6:30 flight and 4 am wake up call was NO FUN this morning!!) I'll be sharing some art tomorrow when I can get to my scanner!! :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Card Sketch 2 for Sketch This: Cards!

Okay, so nothing like the last minute, but here's my card for the Sketch This Cards Contest (Week 2)! It's bright and happy . . . and I know just who I'm going to send it to!
Products Used: KI Memories patterned papers, CTMH cardstock, prima flowers, misc button and thread.


Swap card for leadership

I still think I may do a different one as well - definitely using different colors and stamp sets (I'm thinking Friendship Blessings and this one, with some really cool different color combinations) . . . 50 of the same would get boring on my end, I'm afraid! LOL I started with Taffy CS, but changed it to Breeze for a fresher look. I'm not too fond of Taffy. I'd love something orangier, but not as BRIGHT as our Orange, but not so dull as our goldrush - something that won't kill our eyes when we put it with some of these awesome colors like breeze and sweet leaf that we have now.
Colors are Breeze, Sweet Leaf, and Chocolate. Stamp sets used are Playful Flourishes and Simple Pleasures
Card open (this one uses Taffy as well).

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Working today

I've been having fun today playing in my studio! It's been raining off and on, and when it rains, it's one of those summer thunderstorms that start out wicked, and then lighten up, and then another one rolls in . . . so it's a good inside day. I've been putting the final touches on a card workshop I'll be having on July 28th. It's a 12 card workshop that includes a stamp set called Happy Birthday, and it's bound to be a lot of fun! I hope some of you will be able to come! As I finish each, I'm scanning it, and then I'll upload them later tonight. After that, I've got another list to work on. Here it is!!
  • Circle album sample using Summer Celebration colors
  • layout for Leadership contest
  • gather supplies for Leadership
  • work on swaps for Leadership
  • play with a few crafting ideas brewing in my head . . . a few with really cool color combinations!
  • Photography challenge posted earlier this month - have to at LEAST get started! I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you create as well!! Be sure to share with a link when you've done some! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Way too Cool!!

I've never set up anything in Photobucket really . . . but I have started using it more with putting blinkies on my blog. So, today I decided to try putting together a slideshow there and I couldn't believe just how easy it is! What has taken me so long to do it?? Anyhow, I'm thrilled. I added samples of the calendar pages I did with the Purchase Plus samples (see post below) of all the BT papers, just so everyone can get an idea of what they can do with those! You can see my slideshow by clicking here. They are mostly just blocked basic layouts, and there's plenty of paper left over to do what you'd like with them (create a 2nd page, make a few cards, or just add to the single layout). I did these quickly once I received the paper pack, and I'll be adding photos to the "undone" layouts soon, then I'll edit the slideshow! So, check back if you'd like! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A few layouts to add to my Library of Memories

I finished others today too, but just never scanned them. The first layout is of our local Jax Hands On Children's Museum. It's quickly become a favorite of my children, and so I wanted to make sure that some fun times were accounted for in our scrapbooks. It will be going in the Places album in my Library of Memories.

This layout was actually done in a layout swap. A friend, Kim, created the layout, and I just had to add the photo and the journaling. Needless to say, SHE knows my love of BG, and I love the photo I finally found in my working albums to go with this layout. Believe it or not, even though it's Christmas papers and photo, it's going in our "All About Us - Together Forever" section of our Library of Memories! How's that for using my library to it's capacity?? Stacy J. would be proud! LOL

Oh my!!!

I think I need to find out more on how to work with Basic Grey products more often! I am in love with these papers! Go, I dare you . . . take a look!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Whoo Hoo Cami!!

Just wanted to give a shout out to my friend down in Tampa! She just got notification that she has made the Design Team for Rusty Pickle! Cami's Blog can be found here where it showcases some of her artword during the "Rusty Pickle Amazing Race" and here is the link to Rusty Pickle where they announced the winners!

Congrats, Cami! You SO deserve this honor!

Two Entries

Products Used: More To Adore Paper, Cocoa Organdy Ribbon, More To Adore Stickease, CTMH Buckle Chipboard Piece, and Cocoa Ink.

Products Used: More to Adore Paper Pack, Cocoa Ribbon Round (floral grosgrain ribbon), Blush Cardstock, Cricut used to cut out flower, and two circle chipboard pieces (also CTMH), and Chocolate Ink. Stamp set used was B1123 Spunky Greetings.

I have NEVER submitted ANYTHING in my life. I have never been inspired to really do so, but more than that, never thought "my stuff" could compare to what is out there. The point is, I found this sketch (below) at Sketch This: Cards and felt inspired, so I created these. We'll see if I can keep up the work over the next three weeks. After all, I created these in one day, and for the next sketch I'll have an entire week! LOL I actually plan on doing a few others with this sketch using non-CTMH product. Come back to see what gets created with that - maybe a more "boyish," non-floral card! LOL

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Card Sketch Contest!!

Sketch This: Cards is having a 3 week contest. This week, the sketch is this:
and I think I may enter! What fun . . . I challenge you to give it a try as well! Go to the link above and cards for this week are due on Monday night!! I'll post back later what I come up with.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Purchase Plus Sample

Okay, it's one sample that I used two of the BT papers with some additional cardstock and stamps. The stripe and the circles are part of what comes with the kit, and the light blue which the big P(Pool) is stamped on is the back side of one of the papers. The little square at the bottom right is also from the Stickease pack.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Photography Scavenger Hunt!!

I'm participating in a photography challenge at Scrap Galaxy and I can't wait to get started! I really want to practice and work on my photography skills, and one day would love to start up my own business in photography as well. My friend Cami from Tampa has set up this Scavenger Hunt for us to photograph the items in the most creative way we can! I'll be sharing my photos here as I take them so check back soon!

Here's the list:

  • clock
  • fence or gate
  • dew
  • bubbles
  • insect
  • apples
  • something on a car
  • a reflection
  • numbers
  • buttons
  • something red
  • rocks
  • lace
  • something sports related
  • hands
  • flower
  • clouds
  • ice
  • ray of sun
  • something spiral
Sounds like fun, doesn't it??? If you feel inspired to try a few, email me a link (or link them to a comment in the comment section below) and share with us! If you email them to me, I'd love to also have permission to post them here (with credit to you of course)! C'mon, and join me on the scavenger hunt!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I've been TAGGED!!

The Rules: So this is how it works. I must post the rules, 7 random things about me and then tag others to do the same. Sound fair enough, right? These are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.
  1. I knew when I first met my husband that he and I were destined to be together - life's been grand since . . . we dated for five years and have now been married for seven.
  2. I've lived pretty much in the same town I was born in (a native Floridian mind you) my entire life (over 30 years now).
  3. I worked at a skating rink when I was younger and met a famous NASCAR driver there (remember this was in the 90's now, so many of you may have never heard of him at this point). Funny, I can't even remember his name now, but I do have a picture with him and I together. He was on a date with a "regular" at the rink!
  4. I've never been published. Part of that reason is probably because I've never submitted anything, part of me can't decide if I really want to be "judged" in that way. That's not the reason I got into scrapbooking, so I don't know if I want to go down that path yet.
  5. I am always being asked if my two youngest are twins . . . they are 13 months apart and there are definite differences between them as far as height, size, looks, and even maturity. I'm beyond why anyone would really think that they're twins - but then, I've lived with both of them together for almost four years.
  6. My first car wasn't a car . . . it was a truck - a black Ford Ranger with leather seats that was five years old . . . my first NEW car was a Honda Accord in 1997.
  7. I love the ocean and all it's creatures. The ocean was my first "love" as I grew up here along the coast, going to Sea World at least once a summer, and having this desire to train dolphins! LOL I've swam with dolphins, and with sharks . . . I've learned how to surf . . . I love cruises, and I love just sitting on the sand . . . My career path was leading me to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute until fate got in the way, but I wouldn't change the way things ended up for anything. At least I'm still near the ocean . . . it truly is the best of both worlds.

Okay, that wasn't so bad . . .

Here's my list of "tagees": Tresa B., Mary, BonnieRose, Jeanne, Erica, Nicole . . . well . . . okay, six will have to be enough . . .

EDIT: Well . . . bummer . . . I was just informed that BonnieRose has also already done this, so I'm down to five out of seven :-) ~April

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ahhhh, time to CREATE today! It felt nice to get inspired and just go with the flow . . . it's nothing fancy, but I decided to do a layout on my favorite color (and why). It was a challenge from a friend of mine, and now I'm passing it on to you to see what brilliant pieces of work you can come up with. My challenge is this: Create a layout about your favorite color. You must use 3 photos, and accessories in that color (in mine, I used BLUE BRADS). You can use ribbon, brads, eyelets, flowers . . . whatever . . . but it needs to be visible on your picture. Here's mine.The layout itself is pretty basic, and that's okay . . . today I was in a get-it-done mode and not to mention, my two preschoolers running around had the majority of my attention. My thoughts are there, with a few pictures to go help emphasize the meaning . . . and that's the important thing. My desire to pass along the message of Stacy Julian's BIG Picture is even more so now . . . she knows what's going on . . . the important things! If you've not checked her online class website out yet, or her blog . . . do so NOW!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ahhhh, welcome to my corner of the world for my photography and scrapbooking! I can't wait to share some good stuff with you in the near future!